Extended Pose Figure Drawing

with Danny Grant

JohnThis class gives students a chance to spend more time exploring the figure, Bridgette
and developing a more finished figure drawing. We will spend time learning all the steps to creating a figure that feels natural with believable proportions, structure, and form. Beginning with the block-in, students will learn to see the figure as two-dimensional, made up of a series of points, tilts, and shapes that add up to correct proportions. Building on this foundation, we will continue
to develop the line drawing in a more three-dimensional, sculptural way. With a clear, organic line drawing executed, we will begin modeling the form. In this last stage we will learn to create natural form by controlling our values in the light, expressing a clear difference between light and shadow, and learning concepts like the terminator, cast shadow, and form shadow.

AndrewFall Term : 10 weeks

$350 Non-CAFA Members / $325 CAFA Members