998169_10201486875916573_1986502241_nSCOTT SERAFICA

Born in 1971, Scott grew up in South Florida, where he discovered his love of drawing. As a young boy, he recreated drawings from comic books he read.  His interest in art continued throughout high school.  After graduating from high school, Scott enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  His drawing was put on hold for four years.

During college, at Florida State University, he took a drawing class and rediscovered his interest in art. Scott majored in Graphic Design, and took painting classes and workshops to fulfill his credit requirement for a bachelors degree.  This sparked a passion for oil painting, and a desire to learn more.  Scott took an art history class on 17th century Dutch painters.  Scott recalls, “I saw Frans Hals’ work and became enamored.”  This led him to a study of Dutch painters and French Impressionism.  Representational Impressionism would become the foundation upon which Scott’s painting was built.

After college, he worked as a graphic artist during the day, studying oil painting during evenings and weekends.  He read all the books he could find about oil painting, and visited museums and galleries to study art in person.

Today, Scott lives with his family in San Antonio, TX.  
His art has won awards in national and local art shows.  Scott is also familiar with the “Painting a Day” movement,  where he completes small painting studies on a daily basis. 

“My goal is to create oil paintings that are a direct interpretation of life before me. There is an ideal (painted) form to what we see.  I wish to recreate that ideal form on my canvas. This idea relies on seeing correct shapes, value, temperature, and edges.”


American Impressionist Society
Oil Painters of America
Coppini Academy of Fine Art