Coppini Crew! Teen Art Program

Portrait of Vincent Valdez, Acrylic on Canvas, 72%22x48%22 2007

“Portrait of Vincent Valdez” by Alex Rubio

with Alex Rubio

This course will offer High School age students (15-18) to focus on dynamic anatomy with intense study from a complex human skeletal structure and live models. This course will focus on the fundamental principles of drawing skeletal structure in graphite, as a pre-requisite to depicting dynamic figure oil paintings. Students will experiment in advanced graphite drawing on paper and figure painting in oil on canvas. Fundamental elements include, proportion, composition, contrast, color, light source, and visual narrative development.

Students will explore figurative fundamentals to conceptualize original narrative compositions for exhibition and portfolio development.

The class will show their completed compositions in a gallery show for parents and friends.

TUITION: $300 for 10 weeks