Head Drawing with Tony Pro

Tony Pro Head Quick Sketch

Tony Pro Head Quick Sketch

Tony Pro instructs this head drawing class based on the Frank J. Reilly method. This method is perfect for the artist who wants to solidify their knowledge of human head and develop a sure sense of building rhythmical forms that hold together in your drawings and paintings. The class begins with 5-minute warm up head poses for 25 minutes, followed by 30-minute instructor demo and lecture, then a long pose for the remaining 2 hours. Instructor will move around the room and assist students with helping them to see and also do “tracings” over the top of their drawings.

Frank J. Reilly A.N.A. (1906–1967) was an American painter, illustrator, muralist, and teacher. He taught drawing and painting at the Grand Central School of Art, and illustration at Pratt Institute and Moore College of Art. However, he is best known for his twenty-eight years of instructing at the Art Students League of New York and establishing the Frank J. Reilly School of Art in the early sixties, where he taught until his death in 1967.

Reilly taught a technique of being able to draw the human figures “relationships” with what was called the “6 lines.” These six lines could be used to quickly draw a figure in any pose in a matter of minutes to full length 6 hour poses. This technique was derived from his what he learned from his teachers George Bridgman and Dean Cornwell.

Fred Fixler

Fred Fixler Head Drawing

Artists such as Morgan Weistling, Jeremy Lipking, Aaron Westerberg, Jeffery Watts and many other successful artists were trained in this method. For more information on the Reilly method, check out www.fredfixler.com.

Weekly meeting on Mondays from 1:00-4:00pm

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