Classical Cast Painting

Cast Painting From Inside the Atelier

A Portfolio Preparation Program, covering materials, observation, and drafting techniques, through the fundamental study of casts in graphite, charcoal, and oil.

Based on the traditional model of 19th century European academies, this program is founded in the classical drawing and painting process. This allows students to achieve technical mastery of line, tone and mass without the complication of color. Young and old aspiring artists will be prepared for future success at university, an adult atelier or the beginning of their own independent practice. Through direct observation of Coppini’s historic plaster cast collection, students will gain the technical vocabulary to solve pictorial problems and execute well designed artwork. Oil pictures will be built from foundational block-ins to fully rendered forms with subtle value shifts as they gain an understanding for proportion, anatomy, light and shadow.

Spring Term: April 4th – June 6th, 2017  (10 weeks)

TUESDAYS 5pm-8pm


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