DeGoede_smAndrew DeGoede was born in Washington State and grew up on the waterways of the Puget Sound surrounded by the natural beauty of towering mountains and opulent forests. It’s no surprise that such beauty would prompt a desire to not only capture it, but to

Andrew with Coppini Member Steven DeLuz and David Kassan at TRAC 20

Andrew (right) with Coppini Member Steven DeLuz and David Kassan at TRAC 2014

understand, and only then, to truly enjoy it. There is also no doubt, that the grey days of the Pacific Northwest have had a large influence on Andrew’s restrained palette and love of value based artwork.
DeGoede received his Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Arts from California Lutheran University, with a concentration in Classical Art History and Oil Painting.  After intensive studies into the Dutch Old Masters, culminating in work focused on Rembrandt at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Andrew knew he could no longer just research the work of others, and made the switch from academic to artist. He dedicated the final years of his education in California to Figure Drawing and Oil Painting under Tony Pro.

Returning to Seattle to attend Juliette Aristides‘ Classical Atelier, he gained a solid foundation in Academic Drawing and Traditional Oil Painting techniques. Working as the atelier assistant and leading classes outside the program, Andrew found an unrealized ability and passion for instructing.

Vine Charcoal by Andrew DeGoede

Veiled Maiden
by Andrew DeGoede

“In San Antonio, I cannot wait to continue my pursuit of mastery as a representational artist while passing on the great traditions of draughtsmanship and fine oil painting. I can imagine no better way to do this than surrounded by a dedicated artistic community, like those attending the Coppini Academy of Fine Art.”