The Coppini Academy of Fine Arts was chartered in the State of Texas on February 21, 1952 as a non-profit organization
dedicated to the promotion of classical, representational fine art. Administration is conducted according to the Charter and Bylaws. The Bylaws provide standards that govern each elected office and appointed committee Chairpersons. The President conducts the administration with the assistance and cooperation of the elected officers and appointed committee Chairpersons.
The Coppini Academy of Fine Art works to further the legacy of Dr. Pompeo Coppini and his protégé, Dr. Waldine Tauch. Representing their legacy, the members of the Coppini Academy of Fine Art work to further classical, representational fine art by providing opportunities to view art exhibitions, participate in art instruction, and interact with artists and other art related professionals from around the world.
Dominant in the role of art education and public responsibility, the regular monthly socials, demonstrations and workshops are open to all members and the general public. The weekly instruction classes are also open to all members and the general public upon successful enrollment with the instructor of the chosen class.
The Coppini Academy of Fine Art hosts a number of member’s only exhibition events as approved by the Executive Board. These events are available to members that are in good standing, as determined by Executive Board Policy.